Why Consider Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor?

If you’re observing more and more cuts and gashes in your hardwood flooring, and the shine that your flooring once glimmered with is fading, refinishing your hardwood flooring might serve as a great option for you. It’s far less expensive and time intensive than replacing the entire floor and it’s one of the reasons that hardwood flooring claims to be so impervious to age.

For as long as your floor boards are all at least 1/4in deep, you can still refinish your flooring and that can mean plenty of new design opportunities. You can invest in a new stain or a matte shimmer instead of a bright shine. It can render your hardwood looking completely different than it used to, which is where hardwood flooring gets so much of it’s good name from. The term “versatile,” is an understatement in regard to hardwood flooring and that is never displayed more apparently than when looking at potential hardwood refinishing options.

The Best Reason To Refinish Is Because Your Flooring Is Dull

Kids, animals and high heels wear on hardwood flooring like weather on a cliff, but at a much more accelerated rate. It makes wood disintegrate slowly, and turn dull and unimpressive. Unfortunately, if your hardwood flooring is being used in a commercial capacity, your flooring is essentially getting sanded down on an everyday basis. The grime and dirt that gets tracked in and rubbed over the floor, even as it’s being clean away, wears it down, bit-by-bit. But if you’re considering a cleaning instead of a real refinishing overhaul, that might extend the life of a tired hardwood flooring system a bit more.

Deep Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

Cleaning your hardwood flooring really well can help you determine if you really need a refinishing service or not. If you’re going to attempt it on your own to get a good sense of where to begin your restoration efforts, start by doing a gentle, but thorough sweep. Running over the flooring with a quick hardwood-styled vacuum will help pull up anything that’s really ground down into the flooring. You can mop the floor with a micro cloth and hardwood flooring cleaner to pick up any other debris and restore that previous shine. If those efforts don’t get you the results you’re looking for, it might be time to start looking into a proper refinishing project.

How To Prepare For Refinishing Services

If you’ve settled on a refinishing project for your commercial hardwood flooring, we’ve got your back. You can start brainstorming and finding examples of hardwood flooring that you like the look of based on color and finish (i.e. matte, satin, shine). We can implement similar looks for your flooring as we refinish it. The level of refinishing is entirely up to you and you can restore it as much as you’d like to obtain a certain level of rustic appeal.

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