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 Why Investing In Carpet Cleaning Is More Than Worth The Money

Carpeting in your home and office has famously been marketed as an air purifier. While that’s true, that comes with a stipulation: it acts as a filter. If you’ve ever needed an air purifier in your house because it was older, or you employ a humidifier on a regular basis, you know what it’s like to clean out a filter. Now, think if you would go years between cleaning out this humidifier or air purifier. That’s what your carpet is like right now because you haven’t had it cleaned in over a year.

Microbial Reservoirs In Your Office

Like an air filter, carpet does an exceptional job of trapping allergens, microbes and a whole host of other gunk that you track into the office on a regular basis. While those start to gather in your carpet they don’t just sit and act dormant, they start to turn your carpet into a microbial breeding ground that helps feed things like norovirus and other harmful germs to both you and your employee. And like any air filter, once it gets too full, you can give a few taps and the stuff it so valiantly caught and held prisoner before will shake loose into the air quite of its own will. That means what was once held safely in the carpet, bred and turned into hosted viruses and bacteria that was then transferred into your air supply.

Since these microbes and bacteria have adapted in the modern era to live for extended periods of time in strange materials (like carpet fibers) and walking over them only shakes a few loose, your carpet might be the root cause of bacteria entering your workplace and infecting you and your employees on a grand scale.

“What’s In My Carpets?”

There’s quite a bit in your carpets. Like the dirt outside the office door, but there are also more sinister presences that if not addressed could grow into a larger problem. Famously, the Norwalk virus finds the common carpet fibers, even in low-pile carpeting, to be the perfect breeding ground. To be sure it dwells in office carpeting like goth teenagers dwell in malls. Salmonella, the Norwalk virus’ close relative also has a certain attraction to carpet fibers. Like Norwalk virus, both bacteria can be killed in as quickly as one second with steam cleaning, simply because the temperatures are too harsh for them to handle.

Carpet Extraction

What’s The Difference Between Carpet Cleaning and Extraction? A carpet cleaning machine is synonymous with a carpet steamer. In general it uses much hotter water to coax dirt and stains out of the carpet. However, an extractor is much better at pulling up stubborn stains as it doesn’t loosen and soak the carpet quite as completely as the extractor would. If you’re saddled with a variety of aggressive stains, your carpet is also suffering from a bacteria infestation that will take a bit more than gentle coaxing to get rid of. We’d recommend contacting us now to avoid having that same bacteria fester and cause illnesses and other issues for your employees.

Get Your Business Carpets Cleaned Now

Rather than wait for your entire office to come down with some sickness that will put your employee morale at a low and cut your productivity at the knees, get your carpets cleaned. Bay Janitorial makes it easy to tie all of your cleaning needs into one service. We’ve been serving the Clearwater area for years and ensuring that medical offices, large floor plan offices, and other commercial spaces stay clean and their employees stay healthy. Reach out to us to schedule your consultation today.