For years vinyl has had a bad reputation. It’s the soulless flooring that coats the under foot terrain of hospital rooms, dingy schools, and anything else industrial and kind of cheap. That’s all changed now. Vinyl composite tile is getting thicker, it’s received a texture treatment and an impressive overall upgrade. Suddenly, VCT flooring doesn’t have to be the drab white with grey speckle artificial looking flooring that it’s always been. With the new possibilities for the flooring market opening up, there’s been more interest surrounding how to keep your new vinyl flooring looking great for a longer period of time. It can only fool people into thinking they’re stepping on beautiful grey hardwood flooring if you keep up the maintenance on it from the very beginning. That’s where Bay Janitorial comes in.

Dry Stripping And Waxing

While it’s not nearly as high-maintenance as the marble it’s made to look like, it does require a bit of tender loving care now and then. Plus, keeping your flooring clean in everything from your kitchenette, to your bathroom to the main floor of your office is of the utmost importance. It’s not always about keeping your flooring looking great for years to come, it’s mostly about investing in the prolonged health of your employees. The less bacteria and grime allowed to linger on the floors, the less sick days your employees will have to take.

That being said, full stripping and dry stripping your vinyl flooring is mostly about keeping it looking sharp. Stripping, either dry (without chemicals) or full stripping will remove any scratches and debris that’s been ground into the debris of the original coating of your floors. Re-waxing your VCT will give the flooring a new protective layer that maintains the integrity of the texture, the shine and revive the appearance overall.

Why Keep My Business Clean?

Aside from first impressions and the good opinions of your customers, there’s your employees to consider. While 10 paid time off days per year is an attractive perk, a clean office and workspace to come to is an expectation. Believe us, it’ll be a more attractive alternative for you, too. The workplace is where you spend most of your day-to-day life. You could make the argument that you spend more time at the office than you do at home if you’re like many Americans who view their office as a second home. Sitting in other people’s stains and germs is off putting to you and it will be to your employees too. Plus, keeping the workplace clean could cut down on the average of 7 sick days that most employees in the U.S. take.

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