Carpet Care

You may not notice it, but your carpets have gradually gotten darker. They’ve collected stains, debris, smells and none of those additions are very pleasant. Don’t give your clients a poor first impression with tired, dirty carpet. Start fresh with our premier carpet cleaning services now. What’s Involved?

Stain Removal

Improve your building’s atmosphere by removing eyesores. Our state-of-the-art Bonnet Stain Removal system can eliminate all stains, big or small, to make your establishment look polished and fresh. What’s Involved?

Carpet Extractions

You’re likely used to the smell of your building, but that doesn’t mean your clients are. If your customers can smell the built-up dirt and grime of years of neglected carpeting, they’re not likely going to be very impressed by their first experience. Don’t let the years of bacteria and gunk that’s been ground into your carpet affect how your clients think of your business. Employ our carpet extraction services to remove smells and build-up easily. What’s Involved?

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Take yourself back to the day your hardwood floors were installed with our exquisite hardwood floor refinishing services. Our calibrated sanding and refinishing process allows us to handle large jobs at an expedited pace, including detail work like stairs, stages, dance floors, and intricate wood designs in the way your floorboards were laid.

Marble Floor Polishing

Nothing says elegance like marble flooring, but is yours still shimmering with a satin polish in the same way it used to? Give your marble flooring the attention it deserves with high-end polishing services that will render it easier on the eyes than ever before.

VCT Floors

Vinyl composition tile is more than durable and hearty, it’s also beautiful to look at now that the nad of modern technology is involved in the visual portion of the tile variation’s creation. With VCT you can install flooring that looks like real hardwood or stone flooring but in a more cost-effective fashion. Plus, you won’t need to mix one part water and two parts vinegar to clean it either. Keep your VCT flooring’s facade looking beautiful and realistically textured for years to come with proper cleaning today. What’s involved?

Tile and Grout

Tile is a beautiful addition to any space. From subway-style crisp clean designs to intricate mosaics with penny cize hexagons, they can add an unprecedented layer of interest to every room you install them in. They aren’t, however, the easiest thing to clean. Grout gets stained and dirty quickly and tile is hard to clean depending on what kind of material it’s made from. Bay Janitorial would be happy to keep your grout and tile looking sharp for years to come.

Pressure Washing

Stubborn stains are the worst. They’re not just frustrating; they’re an eyesore and putting your shoulder into scrubbing at a stain is not the best use of your professional time. Make those stains Bay Janitorial’s problem. We get great satisfaction out of blasting away stains during our pressure washing service.

Exceptional Cleaning Services

Serving Palm Harbor and Clearwater

A good cleaning company is more than a list of star-studded reviews and it’s more than the sum of their services. A good cleaning company keeps you and your workers from getting sick and from suffering at the hands of decreasing daily morale because of a dirty office. A good cleaning service is the differentiator when it comes down to your company’s higher productivity goals, happier employees and more impressed clients. A good cleaning company is an integral part of how your office culture and company works. Don’t pass off the task to just anyone. Choose Bay Janitorial services for our track record and our level of detail and passion for the project. Reach out to us now.

Our Areas of Service

Looking for a specific type of janitorial cleaning? We cater to a huge variety of industries including medical offices, surgery centers and large office cleaning projects to name a few. Whatever the janitorial project entails, we’re looking forward to coming up with a creative solution to help you keep your enterprise clean and working efficiently. Schedule a consultation today.