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The U.S. is powered by folks who love to work. We’re a nation of workaholics with around over 10 million Americans averaging more than 60 hours per week at work. 75% of self-identified workaholics won’t leave their desk to eat lunch more than twice a week. What’s even more interesting is that 30% of the world’s population are identified as workaholics, yet half of the American population are identified as workaholics. You can gather from those statistics whatever you’d like to see, but the bottom line is: Americans spend lots of time in the office. In fact, American’s work, on average, 137 hours more per year than the only other culture in the world that puts quite as much emphasis on workaholism: the Japanesse. So, you might even be able to say that Americans spend more time in the office than any other equivalent culture in the world. Anywhere that a large number of humans spends lots of time inside of tends to get grungy looking and smelling. Just look at subway systems all around the world, they’re not exactly the best example of cleanliness, but they’re certainly an example of a place that large numbers of people circulate through and spends lots of time in on a daily basis. 

Coincidentally, we’d be willing to bet that you have no desire for your office to be as dirty as a subway station in a major city. We’re also fairly certain that the condition of your office is rarely a thought, as it’s hardly the first thing on your mind as an entrepreneur or business owner. That doesn’t make it any less important however, because there’s a few things that office cleanliness provides that you just can’t get through any other avenue. 

What Other People Think Matters

Despite what your sassy grandma told you when you were 10, sometimes what other people think does matter. Mainly, it matters when you’re trying to make a good impression on a prospective client. A sparkling workspace doesn’t just make you look more orgaBetter With 50% of the working population identified nized and productive, it’s attractive to prospective clients as well as prospective employees. A clean, desirable looking workspace could be the difference between that really big sale or that exceptional new employee being attracted to your company and your brand. After all, there’s a reason your mother made you clean your room when guests were coming over. The only difference is when you were young, you had some warning to clean your living space, as a business, you’ll spontaneously get visitors all the time. So it’s best to be spic and span.

Less Sick Days, More Smiles

Because workers spend so much time at their office, it’s important to make it a comfortable place so that you can keep all of the people that make your company run like a well-oiled machine. Having a clean environment is shown to improve happiness in the workplace and cut down on the spread of illnesses. So, if Steve from accounting comes to work with a cold and touches every door handle, you don’t have to worry about you or your entire working staff getting knocked out by that same cold, because those germs and being regularly cleared off. 

Improved Air Quality

If that same Steve from accounting is peppering the air with his sneeze juice, that sure doesn’t make the office feel clean or impressive to clients. Airborne pollutants are actually 100 times more plentiful indoors than they are indoors. This makes ensuring that your filtration system and everything in your office is exceptionally clean super important. While an army of office plants can do much to filter out old CO2 and air pollutants, they can only do so much. 

Your Employees Don’t Need To Be Spending Time Cleaning The Office

You didn’t hire your employees for their cleaning prowess. Consequently, they’ve no idea how to get stubborn stains out of carpet or make the windows on your facade sparkling and clean. They know how to do what you hired them to do, and that doesn’t include maid service. That being said, someone must be charged with keeping the office clean and tidy and you’re far too busy running a business to bother with anything like that. Thus, you need a professional cleaning company that can cut down on germs, keep everything looking professionally kept and impressive to clients while making sure you get your security deposit back if you ever decide to move your enterprise to a larger building. 

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